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March 2006 - The three major credit reporting agencies wanted to switch to a common scoring system "VantageScore". - News report on Netscape.com - Experian's press release Some use has been made of it, but FICO still rules.

First, see if you qualify for a free credit report. Depending on your circumstances or state of residence, you may qualify for a free or reduced rate one. One of the first rules of good credit is being wise about how you spend your money. This includes the area of credit reports!

Credit Reports

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  • FreeCreditReport.com - Try their credit monitoring service, FREE for 30 days, and receive a FREE copy of your credit report. - $79.95 (unlimited reports)
  • TrueCredit's Monitoring Service - $39.95/year(1 report with score) or $79.95 (more reports and other features )

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